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Helping Affected Groups Fight the Opioid Epidemic

Millions of Americans have been hurt by dangerous highly addictive prescription opioids. The Bramzon Law Firm PLLC expert legal team is fighting for justice on behalf of individuals, municipalities, Native American tribes, and other minority groups. Contact us today, we can help.

What is the Prescription Opioid Epidemic?

Prescription opioids are a class of substances that target receptors in the human brain to produce morphine-like effects for pain relief. The opioid epidemic is the rapidly rising systematic abuse of prescription opioids, frequently by minorities and at risk groups, however, all people in cities and towns across America are affected.

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What You Need to Know.


Call or click now if you are decision maker for a municipality, Native American tribe, or other affected group affected by the opioid epidemic. Don’t wait, time may be running out. There is never a cost to evaluate your case.


With a over a decade of experience we are ready to deliver results for you. Whether fighting in court or negotiating complex settlement payments, be confident that we’re on your side.


We’ve helped thousands of clients in legal actions against big pharmaceutical and medical device corporations, and are available day and night to answer questions about your case.


Put our firm's litigation experience to work for you

The Bramzon Law Firm PLLC legal team has helped thousands of clients in the pursuit of justice against big pharmaceutical and medical device corporations. Our preeminent trial team infuses victory in every aspect of fighting for our clients.

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